Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Portrait, Jan. 13

Gina from the Agatha Christie/ Miss Marple movie, They Do It With Mirrors. Again, I drew her while the movie was playing, so it's a composite from moving images. SPOILER: I totally thought Gina was going to be the murderer, so that's why she has that classic "apprehended by Miss Marple" expression. [Image: black & white charcoal sketch, somewhat realistic and detailed, of a white woman's head and shoulders. Her shoulders face forward and her face is looking up and to the side, in profile. She looks desperate and pleading. Dressed in a collared shirt, wearing her brown hair in a bun.]


Ariel said...

I had no idea you were such an Agatha Christie fan! I am also very impressed by these composite portraits - seems like a bit of a brain bender? It's been super fun to see your daily portraits. Go, Ciana go!!!!

Ciana Pullen said...

Thanks Ari!

Yeah I'm a fan of TV involving Agatha Christie when I'm slogging through my Netflix queue. It tends to have a much higher chance of not sucking than other shows. Period drama + good plot + violence = win/win/win, IMO.

PS. I watched Evil Under the Sun the other day and thought of Nina, especially when the actress hisses to the mean little gay guy, "I know what you have to do to keep yourself in sailor suits!" and when sailor suit guy calls the sullen pre-teen "that ungrateful little hoyden!"