Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The April Horoscopes Project!

The Inktober experience was so bracing, artistically and emotionally, that I challenged myself again to a motivational thematic project. Illustrating horoscopes comes with a built-in deadline and is satisfyingly open to interpretation. But mainly they’re fun!

I don’t actually believe that the dance of the planets has any impact on our fate (unless, I suppose, we collide with one). But I do enjoy having my fortune told in any medium. It’s relaxing and makes me feel special, enchanted. I also appreciate that horoscopes provide a psychological exercise, causing one to examine one’s actions and feelings from a fresh perspective. I suppose I could instead schedule a calendar appointment to sit down regularly and reflect without the woo, but we all know I wouldn’t ever do something so tedious or responsible.

I think a classic antique storybook style compliments the Zodiac nicely, so I grabbed my little bottle of Parker ink and a dip pen and got started. And I filmed it for all the ASMR fans. For those unfamiliar, ASMR is a relaxing, euphoric tingling sensation that some people get from personal attention, from rustling noises or watching someone quietly complete a task. Many people experience it while watching Bob Ross paint or getting a haircut. 

But maybe I’ll repeat this project another month, in another style. What do you think? Suggestions?

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