Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11 Portraits of Paris Hilton. Just because.

Karen Kilimnik, Marie Antoinette Out for a Walk at her Petite Hermitage, France 1750.

Jane E. Porter, Paris Hilton Painting: What's a Soup Kitchen?

Justin Lear

Jonathan Yeo

Self Portrait from jail, according to BoingBoing. (I love that she used a straight-edge for the lines in this piece!)

Ralph Ueltzhoeffer

Too bad I couldn't re-post some of the other portraits.

Oh, and I found this review of Karen Kilimnik's awesome installation:
"Karen Kilimnik's artistic persona is that of a daydreaming, scatterbrain American teenager eating unlimited amounts of candy among the splendours of, say, the Wallace collection. Installed for this exhibition within a series of specially constructed 18th-century (ish) rooms, her paintings - such as a portrait of Paris Hilton as Marie Antoinette - hang in what looks like Walt Disney's idea of a stately home. Fashionable art writers approve of Kilimnik's excesses of superficiality and surface. Like teachers showing favouritism towards an extremely pretty - but dumb - pupil, critics have given her top marks. But go and see for yourself. Neal Brown"
Infantilizing? check. Misogynist? check. Pompous? check. Oh wait, my bad-- male artists are totally described as dim-witted, childlike, superficial sex-bombs scheeming for attention while breaking their diet. All the time. Sometimes I hate the internet.

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