Monday, September 19, 2022


 Hi readers, just to let you know I am still working on the blogs for the women artists featured in my Inktober series. I got a bit bogged down researching Algerian politics and modern art for the Baya Mehieddine post, but it's coming eventually. I'm also working on some illustrations of witches from pop culture for Halloween month (any suggestions are welcome).

Meanwhile this is my first day following a more regular studio schedule that I designed because I really cannot function without a routine. This morning was "go leave the house and sketch," and as soon as I walked outside a sudden thunderstorm unleashed a dark torrent of rain. I stood under an awning with some others caught in the downpour and drew this advertising kiosk. My pen drawing style really has changed since doing a few Inktobers the traditional way (with ink on paper only), especially after seeing the drawings and etchings of Anders Zorn. I still have to physically stop myself from crosshatching and outlining the edges of shapes because it feels so natural, but I hate the way it looks. I think the pattern and directionality have a lot more bang for the buck in terms of atmosphere, and my sketching is gradually becoming a little less clunky and muscular. 

Morning thunderstorm, Berlin. Sketch by Ciana Pullen

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