Thursday, February 16, 2012

Portrait, Jan. 26

Yo Yo Guy. I saw this man in the park messing with a yo yo. He's a red-head so the amazing hair and mustache you see were bright pale orange. I considered asking him if I could draw his portrait but as usual I was chicken-shit, so I sat a few benches down and he immediately prepared to leave. I got a good look at him before he scooter-ed off and this is him, to the best of my recollection, finished with his yo-yo-ing business and pausing to squint into the sunset before revving the scooter engine. [Image: head and neck of a white man with curly hair and large handlebar mustache wearing glasses and squinting into the distance, lit from the side. He's drawn in black & white charcoal, realistic.]


Ariel said...

The title of this portrait immediately reminded me of "Bun Boy". This is a pretty wicked rendering from memory! He looks super serious, and a little angry, like he's critiquing himself for inadequate yo-yo skills. Very cool!

Ciana Pullen said...

Hoooly shit I forgot about Bun Boy.

Yes, perhaps he was staring at the horizon into his future and seeing his yo-yo dreams slip through his fingers like so much precious star-dust, comforting himself with, "Oh well, I'll always have my fantastic mustache." Really, though, his yo-yo skills seemed fine, I wasn't paying very close attention to them.