Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Month Without Mirrors

I absolutely loved this essay on The Beheld by beauty blogger who recently went a month without looking at her own reflection.

Not only is she starkly honest about the experience of the mirror and about what femininity feels like, Whitefield-Madrano is also incredibly perceptive to how socialization, psychology and abstract philosophy play out in everyday life. Even if you don't give a crap about makeup or the beauty industry, read the essay if you're interested in human consciousness, "The Gaze" in psychology and feminist theory, or portraiture.

[Image: a screenshot from Disney's Snow White showing the evil Queen's reflection in her magic mirror].


Autumn Whitefield-Madrano said...

Wow, Ciana--what a lovely, meaningful take on my work. I'm glad you appreciate what I'm doing at The Beheld, and specifically with the mirror project. Thank you for sharing it here. And pleased to meet you!

Ciana Pullen said...

Thanks for stopping by! I've really been enjoying reading what you've put up.