Thursday, September 13, 2018

Dancer Bastien Hippocrate

I saw this dancer in a music video and thought he was very interesting:

[video: moody music plays as a man, who first appears to be drunk, is actually dancing in a dark allyway. The scene is lit by car headlights, as if the camera is in a car that is backing slowly away while the dancer follows.]

[video: a male dancer (Bastien Hippocrate) and female dancer (Claire Dessimoz) are connected by five-foot tethers, placed to look accidental, on various parts of their torsos and limbs. As they dance they manipulate the other person's position and catapult each other around. The style is writhing and messy. The first part is just the sound of the dancers shuffling and huffing, then abstract guitar music starts, which sounds loose, moody and agitated.]

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