Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Inktober 2018 Day 14 "Clock"

Day 14 of Inktober, prompt word "Clock." I previously wrote about Inktober here. This is an edited version, but I'm posting these daily on my Instagram, @St.Rhinoceros:

Inktober 2018 Day 14 "Clock" by Ciana Pullen / St. Rhinocéros
Day 14 of Inktober 2018, prompt word "Clock." Text reads, "Heliotropism-- Sunflowers turn toward the sun as it moves across the sky." by CIana Pullen / St. Rhinocéros. Dip pen and ink. [Image description: In the upper left corner are two standing bare legs visible from the back, from the calves down. Radiating from the feet are several overlapping shadows which extend across the upper page, diagonally down to the lower right, and straight down, all ending out of frame and differently proportioned like shadows on a sun dial. In the bottom third are three sunflowers, one on a stalk with leaves facing away from the viewer, the middle sunflower without a stalk facing skyward and tipped toward the viewer, and the third facing the viewer almost full-on. The placement implies it's the same flower on a stalk changing position throughout the day. Superimposed over the stalk and leaves is a white rectangle outlined in black containing handwritten cursive script that reads, "Heliotropism-- Sunflowers turn toward the sun as it moves across the sky."]

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