Sunday, January 29, 2012

Portrait, Jan. 22

Jean Dujardin as OSS 117, drawn while watching OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies. I'm a little disappointed with this one. [Image: black & white charcoal drawing of man showing his thighs upward, wearing a 1960's suit and tie and smoking. He has one hand in his pocket and turns to look back over his shoulder with one eyebrow raised. It is as cheesy as it sounds.]
It's a pretty fun movie. I remarked that the actor moves like a silent film comedian; turns out he just starred in a different film, The Artist, as a silent film actor. I wanted to see it in theaters but... this is Charleston. I'll just have to wait and Netflix it. Here's a clip from OSS 117.


john_burke100 said...

Just wandered over from IBTP. I wasn't knocked out by OSS 117--seemed like a one-joke movie, and I got tired of that particular joke after a half hour or so. But I loved "The Artist" and recommend it very highly.

Ciana Pullen said...

Welcome to the blog! Yes, I am biding my time till I can see the movie. *sigh*