Friday, November 2, 2018

Inktober 2018, Day 25 "Prickly"

Day 25 of Inktober, prompt word "Prickly." I previously wrote about Inktober here. This is an edited version, but I'm posting these daily on my Instagram, @St.Rhinoceros:

Inktober 2018, Day 25 "Prickly" by Ciana Pullen / St. Rhinocéros
Day 25 of Inktober 2018, prompt word "Prickly." This is a representation of that prickly sort of headache you get when you're sleep deprived, which I certainly was when I made this. Dip pen and brush, ink. By Ciana Pullen / St. Rhinocéros. [Image description: black and white psychedelic-looking drawing of the torso of a skeleton with crystals growing off the neck. A large brain floats in the space above it with cords leading out to two eyeballs. One looks to the left off the page. The other looks at the viewer and has a droopy baggy lid drawn over it. The background is full of messy white line drawings of faces and eyes on a black background. A stripey line divides the background between skeleton and brain, and above the line the background is short lines forming an undulating pattern. The skeleton bones have dots on them, and the eyeball that looks off page is repeated several times in a line filled with different patterns. Every inch of the page is covered in pattern.]

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