Friday, November 2, 2018

Inktober 2018, Day 29 "Double"

Day 29 of Inktober, prompt word "Double." I previously wrote about Inktober here. This is an edited version, but I'm posting these daily on my Instagram, @St.Rhinoceros:

Inktober 2018, day 29 "Double (Black Lodge)" by Ciana Pullen / St. Rhinocéros
Day 29 of Inktober 2018, prompt word "Double." This is a self-portrait as the Black Lodge version of myself, like Twin Peaks' Agent Dale Cooper's evil twin. If you haven't seen the new season of Twin Peaks, drop everything and go watch it! Of course I was afraid the new season after a hiatus since the early 90s would fail to recapture the initial magic, and to the extent that the earlier series create an appealing, goofy Americana feeling, it does fail a bit. But the spiritual, emotional, surreal and horror aspects really shined in this season. There is some goofiness and humor with the FBI agents and their world, though. Without spoiling anything (because it has nothing to do with the plot because it's David Lynch and some memorable scenes and characters simply have nothing to do with anything), there's an exquisite scene of a call girl simply exiting a room with tremendous style. Kyle MacLachlan acts his little butt off in the new series, and this drawing is a riff on a memorable scene of his. [Image description: black and white ink drawing of a haggard woman driving a car. Only hear head, shoulders and hand on the steering wheel are shown. She wears a black jacket on a black background and black steering wheel, with dark ragged cross hatching on the face and hand. The hair is backlit and outlined in white. The woman stares straight ahead at the viewer, looking intense, evil and expressionless, with a closed mouth and penetrating eyes.]

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