Monday, April 15, 2019

Cancer, April 2019: I draw your horoscope

From my April 2019 horoscope project, where I illustrated a common thread in the online horoscopes for each sign.

Final image:

drawing for Cancer April 2019 by Ciana Pullen / St. Rhinocéros
Cancer must take time out this month from their runaway success at work and life, to relax and take care of themselves, physically and emotionally. Otherwise their health can be volatile. [Image description: Black and white ink line drawing of a woman in a bathtub. The foot of the Victorian style clawfoot tub faces the viewer and stretches back into the middle distance in the upper half of the drawing. A woman is submerged in sudsy water with her knees sticking out in front and her chest, head and arms visible resting against the back of the tub facing the viewer. She has wet tightly curled hair and sips from a teacup. She is lit from below as if the water is glowing and is reflected in the water's surface. A folded towel is draped over the edge of the bath and a crumpled cloth or towel sits on the ground next to the tub. On the other side of the tub are several potted plants or large flower arrangements, including eucalyptus, hydrangea, peony and cherry blossoms. There's a side table next to the tub with more flowers in a vase and the teacup's saucer. The floor fades into blackness toward the upper third of the image, and in the abstract black background at the top, trailing clusters of stars fall down the page.]
*for entertainment purposes only

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