Monday, April 15, 2019

Aquarius, April 2019: I draw your horoscope

From my April 2019 horoscope project, where I illustrated a common thread in the online horoscopes for each sign.

Final image:

drawing for Aquarius April 2019, by Ciana Pullen / St. Rhinocéros
This month conditions are right for Aquarius to be brave and dive right in to something new. [Image description: black and white ink line drawing of people jumping off a cliff into the ocean for fun. The view is from the top of the jumping off point; grass covers the bottom eighth of the frame. Water is seen below as white negative space and stretches to the unseen horizon beyond the edge of the image frame. To the left the coast curves around and is visible in the background as a wild, wooded steep hillside. There is more coast and a tiny rocky island further in the background, creating a sort of beach lagoon area. At the top is a figure in midair, a plump woman in a striped 1920's bathing suit and bobbed hair that is blown upward in the wind. Her legs are kicked up and she's in mid-jump. Below her is another woman also in striped suit and bobbed hair, also in mid-jump but horizontal to her. Below in the water are two more people, one treading water and the other just splashing in.]

*for entertainment purposes only

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